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"A raven of death spread its wings so wide
From bygone epochs to the cosmic divide
Its gaze, like voids, filled with eternal abyss
Where shadows linger, in a silent hiss"

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Doula Infernum

D.A.Å. - vocals, percussion | IG: @draugurinn.official, @studio.myrkraverk
N.R. - strings, dark ambience, percussion, voice | IG: @nirucon
C.J. - percussion | IG: @stigma_yuga


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May 2024

Doula Infernum emerged in 2023, and within its inaugural year, a number of raw demo sessions were recorded. To date, only "Nebular Noir: The Raven's Penumbral Pilgrimage" has been released in its raw demo incarnation. Another session, named "Deeper Into Death" dating back to the summer of 2023, awaits finalization and is slated for release in 2024. While this session may diverge somewhat from our prospective sound, it possesses a dark allure deserving of release. Throughout 2024, we shall continue crafting new material and spurred by the momentum gained from our debut performance in April, eagerly anticipating further live engagements...

The constellation transcends traditional genre boundaries, melding the essence of metal, folk, and dark ambient into a hauntingly intricate shadow. Some recordings might be simple live percussion, while others weave together guitar, dark ambient sounds, and more. The vocals range from hypnotic, trance-like melodies to tormented screams, each element contributing to a tapestry of haunting beauty and desolate darkness.


Listen to our rough recordings and demo sessions:

Live recorded improvisation at Hagadösen, Orust 2024

Nebular Noir: The Raven's Penumbral Pilgrimage

Read more about this rough demo release here.

Live performances

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October 4-5 2024 - Mörkaste Småland: Slaktmånad, Hultsfred, Sweden
Special performance with full lineup!


April 27 2024 - Dödsmässa #6, Uddevalla, Sweden
Debut performance as a duo (Dísa & Nicklas) + art collaboration by Eldhexan.
Nebular Noir: The Raven's Penumbral Pilgrimage (extended minimalistic version) performed live for the first time.




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